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Relational Gestalt Therapy​

Rhonwen Derbez, 

Registered Psychotherapist  


every part of you is welcome here


What brought you here today and what is it you are bringing with you?  

What is it you are trying to find?  Or lose?  

Everyone is unique and has their own life experience, their own journey filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. For some of us, there have been moments or events that have impacted us in ways that have caused us to become inflexible, disassociated, numbed, impulsive, fractured… As humans this is how we adapt to survive. But once the crisis is over and stability achieved, how do we restore our natural spontaneity? And how do we regain our confidence? Our joy? Our freedom? What is it YOU are missing?

In therapy we create the safe space to start exploring these questions with curiosity and compassion…  Relational Gestalt Therapy offers us a wide range of techniques and tools to explore and discover our unique paths to healing.  Things like visualization, metaphor, mindfulness, body awareness, inner guidance and building a feeling language. Together, in our confidential container we use our creativity, curiosity and felt experience to guide us to experiments which lead us to a greater understanding of self, self-acceptance and healing.  

These techniques are effective to treat a variety of challenges including unprocessed trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, high sensitivity, desensitization, self-regulation, life transitions, gender expression, oppressive conditioning, parenting in our current ungrounded environment, and more. With these tools of self-knowledge and body guidance, we all have a better chance of finding supports: the keys we need in this lifetime for healing, and living our best life...

As a queer practitioner, I provide a safe, sex positive space for LGBTQIA2S+ clients which includes a non-judgemental approach to alternative relationship structures such as non-monogamy. The right support really can be key to unlocking the joys that come with improved communication and connection with our loved ones...

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