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Relational Gestalt Therapy​

Rhonwen Derbez, 

Registered Psychotherapist  


dedicated with gratitude to Jay Tropianskaia

By Rhonwen Derbez

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.

So she gave them some broth without any bread,

Then spanked them all soundly and sent them to bed.

And each of these cherubs with such an upbringing

Developed CREATIVE ADJUSTMENTS, like clinging,

Or not trusting people, or eating too much,

Or giving up power, or shying from touch.

But then came along some people who knew

That looking inside they’d all know what to do.

And if they were willing, courageous enough

To look in their BODIES for all of the stuff:

The stuff that was torturing, holding them back

From reaching for dreams and staying on track,

They’d find that ACCEPTANCE of who-they-are-NOW

Would unlock a way to their healing somehow.

So if you've been suffering with some kind of pain

That comes back to plague you again and again

Perhaps there is one of these people for you,

To help YOU realize you know just what to do.

And maybe yo​u don’t have to feel so alone,

And maybe you’ll learn just how much you have grown,

And maybe, just maybe, SUPPORT is the goal,

May it show you at last how it feels to be whole.

© 2021

Rhonwen Derbez, RP

Relational Gestalt Therapy


I'm on my healing journey just like you and that poem I wrote on the left side of the page sums up pretty much what I believe is the fastest and most efficient way to walk that journey.  Now that I've picked up some knowledge and skills, I feel privileged to walk with others as they do the work on their healing journeys as well, trusting that their inner guidance system works perfectly... we just need to learn to listen to it and find the support for the next step... and then the next. 

I love this work which invites us to get messy and muck around where others don't feel like going a lot of the time.  It includes the dark places and the creative ones... I consider therapy an act of rebellion against inner and outer forms of oppressive conditioning.  And I bring all my life experiences of loss, joy, failure, success, disappointment, triumph, stagnation and creation through my unique lens... so we might build a relational language.

Apart from that, of course, I'm a graduate of the Five Year Training Program of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto and have been in private practice since January 2020.  I am a member in good standing of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy and the International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy.  I also hold a Bachelor of Music from the University of British Columbia after which I went on to have a career in opera and then sharing music with seniors as I discovered it was the healing power of music that interested me most... and healing remains my passion.  

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